You May Now Have a Quizno’s Torpedo

I have been traveling out on the East Coast over the last few weeks and my Turkey Sandwich options have been limited.  I don’t do Subway, so Quizno’s has turned out to be the next best thing.

You’ve probably been seeing their TV commercials for their $4 Torpedo and wondering when I am going to weigh in on this concept.  Well, I am here to clear the air and let you know if you can eat a Torpedo.

The answer is: yes.

Quizno’s Torpedo is actually pretty good.  I like the bread better than their regular sandwiches and at $4 they’re a pretty good deal.  My only advice is to tell them to run it thru the toaster twice.  My sources tell me that Quizno’s has shortened their toasting time considerably over the last few years so that they can pump the sandwiches out faster.  Tell them to toast it twice and to keep their mouth shut.


5 thoughts on “You May Now Have a Quizno’s Torpedo

  1. So I tried one of those torpedo’s cause you said they were good. I got the Turkey Pesto. Thanks for the advice, it was really good for fast food. Generally I am not into those speed sandwich shops, I prefer a nice little cafe where they take their time and you sit and read the paper…. but when you are in a hurry its perfect.

  2. It is tiny like a breadstick… couple fingers wide. What idiot came up with with meat breadstick idea? They must used kid’s hand for their commercial. Ask to them to show how big it is before ordering or you’ll go hungry.

  3. The photo of the Torpedo ad is held by an unusually small hand. When you actually see a Torpedo sandwich, it will be obvious to you that for the photo to be to proper scale, the hand will have to be the size of a five-year old child. This leads me to suspect that the torpedo hand model is actually manipulated in Photoshop et. al. to make the sandwich appear bigger than it actually is.

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