My Opinion on Jimmy John’s

Bootlegger Club from Jimmy John's

I’ve always been kind of undecided on Jimmy John’s.  Aside from the fact that their Downtown Denver location is complete pain in the ass to get to, their menu is a bit on the boring side.  None of their sandwiches really jump out at me.  But I like their turkey and I like their bread.

But this is the Turkey Sandwich report and no one comes to this blog to get polyanna Turkey Sandwich opinions.  So it’s high time, I give you the low down on Jimmy John’s.  Ratings are based on a five point scale.

Bread – 3 – They would get a 4, but they don’t offer wheat bread for the subs, just straight white bread.  I’m not a big white bread fan, but theirs is pretty good and always tastes fresh.

Meat – 3 – It’s pretty good.  The roast beef makes for a good combo with the Turkey and I think their ham is applewood smoked.  That’s solid.

Service – 2 – Here’s my main issue with Jimmy John’s.  They make their sandwiches REALLY fast.  When you order, you BETTER know EXACTLY what you want right when you order.  If you forget to mention “no tomatoes” right off the bat, it’s too late.  They’re already on there.   On top of that, the two dudes working there tonight looked like they were baking more than bread in the back.

Selection – 2 – Every time I go into Jimmy John’s I stare at their menu for 10 minutes before I can figure out what I want.  And the “plain slims” don’t make any sense to me.  Why can’t I get some lettuce thrown on there?

Overall, I give Jimmy John’s a solid 2.5 out of 5.  How’s that for a definitive opinion?


4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Jimmy John’s

  1. first off. about the bread, you can get wheat bread on any sandwich. there is just an extra charge on slims and subs. but its not that much more at all i think like 25 cents.
    and it is all made fresh there everyday. and not just in the monring. through out the entire day.
    and about the service. jimmy john’s whole motto is subs so fast you’ll freak. so yes they make them fast.
    and bout selection. the menus really not that complicated. yah knoooow IT DOES MAKE SENSE THAT U CANT GET LETTUCE OR ANYTHING ON A PLAIN SLIM
    because thats why it is called a PLAIN slim.
    that’s why it is a dollar cheaper.
    if you could just throw some lettuce on there, then there would be no difference than ordering a sub.

  2. first i work at jimmy johns and all i can say about it is SHIT ! this is the worse job i ever worked for ! they take this shit soooo serious , i mean wtf ! its jus fuckin sandwichesss ! managers r bitches nd i hate it and they LOVEEE dramaaa ! idk why but they do doesnt have much of jimmy johns here but these ones here suckk.same shitty ass drama everyday everybody there is FAKE ! i hate it, and after a while the sandwiches jus get on my nerves. SUBWAY IS THE WAY TO GO.

  3. actually, one of their taglines is subs so fast you freak, that is not their motto. their motto is “What makes Jimmy John’s different from the rest is that it’s honest, it’s damn good, it’s damn fast, at a decent price!”

    it seems to me that they are missing 3 of the four things of their motto.

    i give them a 1.5/5

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