Turkey Tacos are Friggin’ Delicious

Alright, let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat: A sandwich is a sandwich and tacos are tacos.  But when someone puts turkey in tacos, it’s good enough for this here sandwich pundit to talk about it on his Turkey Sandwich blog.  So don’t even think about posting some wise-ass comments about how (insert whiny voice) “This is a Turkey SANDWICH blog and I didn’t come here to read about TACOS.”

Got it?  Ok, good.

Green Mesquite is in Austin, TX.  They do BBQ and they do it well.  But reason #1 why I like Green Mesquite is that they do what I call “Texan Fusion” cuisine: Part BBQ, part sandwich, part Mexican – all in one entree.  I had the Turkey Tacos with BBQ sauce AND salsa on it.  Yes, BOTH at the SAME time.  Don’t knock it until you try it.  You take a look at this photo and tell me this doesn’t make you hungry:

Turkey Taco Close-up

More photos of my visit to the Green Mesquite are here and here.

Reason #2 why I like Green Mesquite is fact that there is a George Jones poster hanging inside.  The fact that they know good Country Music gives them “street cred” as a true Texas BBQ joint.

George Jones Poster


4 thoughts on “Turkey Tacos are Friggin’ Delicious

  1. I thought this was a blog about turkey sandwiches. What’s next, turkey pizza reviews? Do what you do best, check that, stick to doing what you used to best. Also, “texas fusion” is known as “tex-mex”.

  2. Wow, Neal!!! I completely agree with everything you said. I just couldn’t put it so eloquently. You’re the best, Neal Stewart, the best!!!!!

  3. A taco is technically “un sandwiche”, so I guess this is OK. It sure looks like fuck, however.

  4. Hey (in my best “Columbo voice”), one more thing. Any place with “The Possum” on the wall is cool by me. Love them ‘burns.

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