An Update on Which Wich

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by and saw my friends at Which Wich.  I kinda gave up on them for a while because I didn’t like their Turkey.  It was just kind of shitty.  But, I held out hope that I would get new and improved Which Wich experience for a couple reasons:

  1. About a year ago, I talked to Jeff Sinelli, the guy that started Which Wich,  I just straight-up told him that the Turkey had to improve.  He agreed and told me it would.
  2. I heard that they changed the menu.  I know this because Jeff also asked me if there was anything I wanted to see on the menu.  I didn’t respond because this guy doesn’t just give out FREE sandwich advice.  I am a highly paid Sandwich Consultant and I would ruin my business if I just started whoring myself out to people in exchange for a free bag of chips.

So, here’s the deal: Which has indeed changed the menu:

  • They have some new spreads and sauces: A1, Pesto and Ketchup
  • The Giardiniera is now called “Hot Pepper Mix” for whatever reason.
  • They now offer Avocado
  • SPAM is now on the menu.  Yeah, they have SPAMwiches.
  • The Turkey does seem to be of higher quality.
  • But the big news is that they now offer PASTRAMI TURKEY – which is a personal fave.  I’m a BIG Pastrami Turkey guy.

Change has come to Which Wich.  And it’s a good kind of change, so good job, Jeff.

But, I’m not going to sit here and just kiss Which Wich ass.  They put mushrooms on my Turkey Sandwich, which is completely unacceptable.  Even worse, this was a to-go order and I didn’t realize this until I was already in my car and down the street.

Did I take it back?  You bet your ass I took that Turkey Sandwich back.


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