Too Hungry to Blog, Take Photos or any of that Shit

I had a Turkey Pesto Sandwich from the Walnut Room today. It was a late lunch and I was simply too friggin’ hungry to put in the work to write a good blog about this sandwich.

Besides, do you assholes need to know about EVERY SINGLE TURKEY SANDWICH I eat? I’ll answer that question for you:

No, you don’t. Why don’t YOU tell ME about your Turkey Sandwich for a change? And make it interesting or I’m not going to waste my time.


5 thoughts on “Too Hungry to Blog, Take Photos or any of that Shit

  1. Cibatta bread, real thick sliced roasted turkey breast, somewhat smoky creamy goat cheese, cranberry chutney, lettuce, tomato, and red onion…. totally indulgent and delicious. I had it at a restaurant I LOVE called Dukes (Dukes Chowder House). Normally I go there and eat a pound clams steamed in Mac an Jacks (good beer) and lots of garlic cloves but this time the turkey called to me….

  2. Goia’s turkey and swiss on a whole wheat hogie with mayo, lettuce, onions, tomatos, lettuce, and salt ‘n pepa. Makes a nice, curdling ball in your stomach that says “Now that was a fuckin’ meal!”. Do not eat it for lunch at work, that will be a sure ticket to the unemployment line. A nap is mandatory upon consumption. Will not cause inpaction, unless you are over 60. Then everything does, if you listen to my dad.

  3. I had a Turkey Sandwich from Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar a few months ago that seriously ruined my turkey appetite for about 2 months. I think that was at the beginning of October and I didn’t eat turkey again til Thanksgiving. I’d don’t recommend that sandwich.

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