Frontier Airlines Steps Up Their Game

On a flight a couple months ago, I reported that United Airlines knew I was on a flight and served a pretty nice Turkey Sandwich.  Frontier Airlines must have been reading The Turkey Sandwich Report, because they have retaliated with a Turkey Sandwich of their own.  A UDI’S Turkey Sandwich no less.

Udi's on a Frontier flight

And it was SO obvious that the flight attendants knew who I was – being a well-known Turkey Sandwich critic and all – because they made it a specific point to ask me what I thought about the sandwich. Here’s what I told them, verbatim:

It was pretty good, maybe a little on the dry side, but pretty good.  Good, quality turkey and I like the apple and Brie – that’s a nice touch.  I’m not a fan of the bread though.  No need for nuts in bread.

And off I went.

Nice job Frontier.  I like your Turkey Sandwich moxie.  It doesn’t help the fact that the lady working at the ticket counter was a total bitch for absolutely no reason at all, but at least you have fairly decent taste in Turkey Sandwiches.


2 thoughts on “Frontier Airlines Steps Up Their Game

  1. Oh, I can totally testify to how good the sandwich was!!! I bought one because I was so hungry not because I enjoyed horrible airplane foods. But to my surprise, it was soooooo good that I keep thinking about it whenever I feel like having a sandwich. I’m hoping to find the recipe for this wonderful sandwich 🙂

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