You Can’t Teach Cheese

One thing that I have not discussed very much here on the Turkey Sandwich Report is CHEESE SELECTION. The Cheese that you choose to put on your Turkey Sandwich is important.  Really fucking important.

I’m not here to teach you how to choose cheese.  Like they say in sports, “You can’t teach speed.”  Well, you can’t teach Cheese either.  You either intuitively know cheese or you don’t.  It’s as simple as that.

Myself, I know cheese.  For example I was daring enough to go with the Buffalo Blue Cheese for this delicious Grilled Turkey and Cheese from Chedd’s.  It was a bold move, but it worked.


I also know when to go with a white cheese vs. a yellow/orange cheese.  When to go with something with spices vs. something more traditional.

But here is my offer: if anyone needs some cheese consulting, I’m here for you.  Just give me the details of your sandwich and what cheeses are available and I’ll give you my take.  Free of charge.  How can you beat that?


8 thoughts on “You Can’t Teach Cheese

  1. Neal, what are some of your favorite cheeses? I love a good Pepper Jack if I’m in a spicy mood. Let’s not forget st. Louis’ own provel cheese which is a combination of provel, mozzarella & cheddar which has a low melting point that is very creamy.

  2. I’m making a sandwich/wrap with turkey slices, green apple slices, and balsamic vinegar for dipping. I’ve had it before and it’s delicious, but I can’t remember what kind of cheese they used!! Help!

  3. What kind of cheese would you suggest for someone who is new to the different kinds of cheese? I just want to know what would be best for a plain turkey sandwich – turkey, lettuce, pickle, mayo, etc.

  4. I currently take turkey (store bought) on a plain sandwich bun (store-bought) for my lunch, but I want to try to add cheese with it to add flavor. I can go with anything that’s not very expensive. What should I go with?

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