Apparently, This is a Turkey Sandwich in California

Take a look at this abomination.  This is what they call a Turkey Sandwich in LA.

Kentucky Brown Turkey Sandwich

I know LA is all fancy and shit, and I’m just a kid from Southern Illinois, but this ridiculous.  I should have known I was in trouble from the start when we valet parked to eat this placed – which was called Grand Lux and run by the same people that own Cheesecake Factory.

The sandwich was called a “Kentucky Brown,” and believe it or not, that yellow shit is cheese and there is some Turkey and bread underneath there.  I’ll give them some props for using real Turkey – but if this is a Turkey Sandwich, then I’m Mario Lopez.


One thought on “Apparently, This is a Turkey Sandwich in California

  1. no dumbass, its not a California Turkey sandwich. It is called a Hot Brown. And if you knew anything about the Kentucky Derby, you would know that shit head.

    Or if you ever watched Throwdown with Bobby fuckin’ Flay you would know that he challenged a couple of Louisville, Kentucky cocksuckers into a Throwdown making these bitches.

    It aint a turkey sandwich. Your stretchin’ it you douchelord.

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