Itching for an Open-faced Turkey Sandwich at May’s Crabs

The open-faced sandwich.  It’s a forgotten art, really.  They only have open-faced sanwiches at “old-timey” type places like May’s Crabs in Frederick, MD.  May’s is one of those places that has paper placemats with advertising for the local real estate agent and chiropractors.  They also have corn on the cob on the menu.  I seriously saw someone with a plate of five cobs of corn in front of them.

Back to the sandwich:  This mother fucker was SALTY.  I’m not one to be afraid of a little gravy and I seriously had to scrape a lot of it off.  But it was real turkey and still pretty damn tasty.

Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich at May's

By the way, speaking of crabs – my friend Chuck had crabs in college.  He used to get a lot of tail, but he got himself in a little bit of trouble when he banged this hot chick that randmly showed up to some of our parties.  I’ve never had crabs, but he always said it was worth it.  So she was either really hot or crabs aren’t all that bad.

3 thoughts on “Itching for an Open-faced Turkey Sandwich at May’s Crabs

  1. I have to say that gravy does look pretty sick, like something that was lumped straight out of the can on to your sandwich. Looking at that while reading about you friends crabs actually made me loose the will power to finish sandwich this morning….

  2. I had a turkey sammie that looked just like that one up in Armstrong, Ontario at a little diner. They put gravy on everything in Canada. That with ten Blues and it was the best fuckin meal I ever had. Oh yeah, she would have had to have been uber-hot, cause crabs suck.

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