Denver Egotist: Get Off My Turf

Twice.  Count ’em, TWICE today, The Denver Egotist reported on sandwich shops launching new websites.

The first was on Jimmy John’s launching their new website:
Denver Egotist Jimmy Johns

The second was The Corner Bakery’s new website:

Denver Egotist Corner Bakery

Um, excuse me, but this is MY domain.  Do yourself and everyone else a favor and leave the sandwich reporting to the professionals – which is me.

3 thoughts on “Denver Egotist: Get Off My Turf

  1. I thought you were the Turkey Sandwich man. What, now you’re saying this gives you dominion over all sandwiches?

  2. Being generally considered an expert in the field of Consumption and Education of Turkey Sandwiches, it can also be inferred that Neal is also more educated on the subject of General Sandwich Knowledge.

    In fact, if you <a href=””search for the term “sandwich blogs” on Google, some of Neal’s blog entries come up on the very first page of results (in the link).

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