Toast the Damn Sandwich!

There is an epidemic that is sweeping the Sandwich industry.  We’ve already had one casualty in Quizno’s and we’re in the process of losing another one in Schlotzsky’s.

But WE are the victims here.  And the worst part – it doesn’t need to happen.

Here’s the issue: Our sandwiches are being toasted less and less. The last two days, I’ve had a Turkey Sandwich from Schlotzsky’s or Quizno’s.  Both are obviously toasted less/faster than they were as soon as 6 months ago.  And definitely less than a couple years ago.

What’s the deal?  Does toasting the sandwich 10 fewer seconds really make them that much more efficient?  I’ll tell you what it makes them – a non factor – that’s what!

I go to Quizno’s only because they are close to my office and they have a parking lot, but their sandwiches are really a waste of time.  I go to Schlotzsky’s every once in a while because they are close to the tennis shop where I get my racquets re-strung.  The only redeeming quality of their Turkey Sandwich is the hot sauce, but that’s really just a cover-up for a bland-ass TS.

Bottom line – If you are going to pride yourself on “toasted” sandwiches, then TOAST the fucking sandwiches like you mean it!

On a separate, but related note to Quizno’s: I hate your commercials where people eat the $5.  It doesn’t make me want to eat one of your sandwiches.


4 thoughts on “Toast the Damn Sandwich!

  1. Why does it matter that Quizno’s has “a parking lot” when they are “close to (your) office.” I thought you were going to start taking the train and riding your bike. Nope, apparently you are still commuting by yourself. You sir, are a hypocrite and should stop writing blogs on how to save on gas & save the earth.

  2. Josh, why couldn’t Neal ride his bike there and you ride on the handlebars? Or in the basket, E.T. style?

    Please don’t kill mother earth!!!

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