The Smiling Moose is in the House

I had a full day to myself today.  Worked from home and had dinner by myself too.  That meant that I could do whatever the hell I wanted for dinner – and did I ever take advantage of it.

First off, the Smiling Moose has moved into the neighborhood and I had not officially welcomed them, so I swung by there for a large Dinner Roll.  This is a damn good sandwich since it is part Turkey Sandwich, part Cheesesteak and Part French Dip.  How sweet is that?

Second, I swung by Wendy’s.  Since I was working from home all day, I had the TV on and they were pushing these Strawberry Shakes that were calling my name.  So I went by there to get one of those deals and I while I was at it, I got some fries to go with the Dinner Roll.

Dinner Roll from Smling Moose

What?  You have a problem with me going to two different spots to gather my Dinner?  It’s not like you’ve never done that before.  And if you say you haven’t, you’re lying.


2 thoughts on “The Smiling Moose is in the House

  1. I got a big fuckin problem with Wendy’s…they are fucking sell-outs. For my whole life, they just made chocolate Frostys. Now they are making 38 different “Hand-spun Frosty Shakes”. Hey Wendy’s, stick to the one that brought you to the dance. You ain’t Baskin fuckin’ Robbins. A chocolate Frosty is plenty.

    They are in a sense doing exactly what Wall Street guru Peter Lynch calls “Diworsification “. This is when big companies diversify into industries they know nothing about. Like if Coca-Cola decided to get into shrimp farming or if Microsoft decided to get into porn.

    The last knucklehead company to pull this shit was Porsche when they decided to make a fucking SUV. They fucking ruined the one thing that made them unique to all auto manufacturers around the world. Up until the fucking Cayenne, Porsche was the only auto company in the world to only make sports cars. And I respected that. Now they can just blow me. I will stick to my ’77 Wagoneer thank you very much. (and I cant afford a Porsche anyway. I’m not a Dentist)

    Anyway, to sum it up. Wendy’s and Dave Thomas can take their “hand-spun” shit and shove it up their ass.

  2. Dave Thomas will have trouble doing anything. He gone! But, I like the comment overall. Also, Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers used to be a decent size, now they are the size of white castle’s and that’s bullshit!

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