Whole Foods’ Turkey Sandwiches Just Not Meeting My Expectations

Let me start by saying that Whole Foods’ pizza is the shit.  I love that stuff.  So maybe their pizza has set an level of expectation that are so incredibly high, that their sandwiches just can’t get their.  Phil Mickelson isn’t a bad golfer, he just sucks compared to Tiger Woods – that’s all.

I got the Country Club Club from Whole Foods today.  I actually wanted the pizza, but I haven’t had a Turkey Sandwich in a while, so I thought I better eat one, so all you sons of bitches stop whining, “Why hasn’t he reviewed a Turkey Sandwich lately?

There’s just something that is off with their Turkey Sandwiches.  I thought it was me when the last time I was there, I got a TS with Brie and Chipotle mayo.  That wasn’t good, but I thought it was the cheese/spread combo that fucked it up.

Strange thing happened today, the TS tasted pretty much the same as that last piece of crap I had.  So it’s them.  Not me.  In fact, it’s never me.  Always them.  I know Turkey Sandwiches WAY better than them.

I took a picture of this sandwich, but screw it.  I’m not putting it on here.  Not worth my time.

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