You Got Free Soup, I’m There

I had a BUSINESS meeting in Philadelphia last week.  We decided to make it a lunch appointment and chose McGillin’s Ale House in Downtown Philadelphia.  (They call it “Center City” there)

McGillin’s is old.  They opened this son of a bitch in 1860.

McGillin's - Philadelphia

When I arrived for my meeting a little earlier than the person I was meeting, the hostess (who was also old) said the sweetest words these ears have ever heard: “We have free soup.  Today’s soup is Turkey Noodle.  Feel free to serve yourself.”

What?!  Free Soup AND it’s Turkey Noodle AND you can just serve yourself?  Genius!  That’s the kind of Ale House I like!

On top of that, their Turkey Sandwich was FUCKING awesome.  Real turkey.  No bullshit here.

Pure genius. Free soup and awesome Turkey Sandwiches.


One thought on “You Got Free Soup, I’m There

  1. Just like in Caddyshack – did you have to wear an ugly plaid hat to get a free bowl of soup?

    My other question is this: did you find a way to put turkey noodle soup between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich?

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