The Dirtiest Turkey Sandwich Blog in the World

Apparently, I have a foul mouth.  If you don’t like it, you can pick up your check on your way out the door.  Since I have the corner office here at the Turkey Sandwich Report, I can talk however the fuck I want.

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3 thoughts on “The Dirtiest Turkey Sandwich Blog in the World

  1. Is cunt a cuss word? What if I say the word “cunt” and it’s in quotes? How about cocksmoker, cock smoker or cock-smoker? Does it matter if it’s 1 word, 2, or hyphenated?

  2. do you ever get the “Meat Sweats” when eating turkey sandwiches?

    The Meat Sweats is a term used to describe a well-known malady and byproduct of mass animal protein consumption. Meat sweats are best known in the world of competitive eating used to describe a condition that strikes certain eaters in meat-centric competitions.

    Meat sweats are generally categorized on a scale of varying degrees starting at third-degree, being a mild meat sweat, to a first-degree meat sweat being very severe in nature. Generally, pork and chicken dishes will result in third-degree meat sweats, depending on the gross amount consumed, and beef will result in a first-degree meat sweat. A first-degree meat sweat can result in a temporary debilitating condition causing one to feel symptoms of lethargy, depression and severe apathy. The spiciness of the meat consumed, in a counterintuitive outcome, does not necessarily increase amount of meat sweats that one experiences. This may have to do with the nature of meat sweats, which have a base of lipids rather than perspiration.

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