Mendelson’s is Here to Please

I had a meeting in Downtown Denver yesterday morning, which presented the perfect opportunity to stop by Mendelson’s for Turkey Sandwich.

One of the things I like about Mendelson’s is that they sent me an email talking shit about Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli.  I respect a delicatessen that isn’t afraid to talk shit about its competition.

As I started to order my Turkey Sandwich, I asked if I could make a special request.  Now, I’m not going to tell you assholes what my special request was, because I don’t need you making the same request and backing up the line.

The response to my special request was “we don’t really do that…but what do you want?”  i told them, and the guy said, “Yeah, I can do that.  We’re here to please.”  And they prepared my sandwich as I requested.

Triple Decker Turkey Sandwich

And damn, was it good.  It was a Pastrami seasoned Turkey Sandwich with Pepperjack Cheese.  And let me tell you – that is a magical combination.

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