When I Open a Sandwich Joint, it’s Gonna Be a Cheba Hut

I was faced with a really tough decision today. Pickle Barrel or Cheba Hut?

I was in Fort Collins, home of the Pickle Barrel (which Josh highly recommended) and Cheba Hut (which Rippe recommended). By no means am I saying that that Rippe is smarter, but I went with Cheba Hut. I was just really intrigued with their theme – which is apparently based on some kind of ancient peace pipe/smoking ritual.

Cheba Hut Sign

Cheba Hut offers three sandwich size options:

  • Nug
  • Pinner
  • Blunt

I went with an Afgani Blunt because that’s how I roll. The Afgani is Turkey, Jalapenos, and Pepper Jack cheese. It looks disgusting, but it was actually a pretty dope. I ate half during lunch and saved the other half for my afternoon snack. The weird thing about this Turkey Sandwich is that I think I liked second half better after it had sat in my car for a couple hours.

The Afgani (Turkey Sandwich)

And, BTW: get their house dressing. It’s a red wine vinaigrette and it’s DANK!

6 thoughts on “When I Open a Sandwich Joint, it’s Gonna Be a Cheba Hut

  1. I have not seen any recent comments from Tony C. lately so I thought I would leave one in his spirit…

    How ’bout you mix in a salad and a slimfast shake in every once in a while you fatass?

    click on my name for part of the Lenny Dykstra clip.

  2. Neal,

    Thanks for all the kind words you said about us at Cheba Hut. You have a very interesting site and it seems like youre having a lot of fun in your quest for turkey. We should get together and develop the ultimate turkey sandwich!!

  3. recently the TSR told me over the phone that they did not like to “respond” to comments left for them on the TSR. I guess that is only true if you are just a nobody, dedicated, poor reader of the TSR.

    However, if you are a multi-billion dollar sandwich chain head Mr. Stewart will respond with a comment and suck your corporate turkey schlong until it shoots a mayonaise load all over his face. And then rub the load into his face and lick his fingers in utter bliss.

    Fuck you TSR. I just suddenly realized why I quit reading you 4 or 5 months ago.

    Good day sir.

  4. I’ve been working at the Cheba Hut location you visited for about 3 years now. Converting locals from the tenured Pickle Barrel into Chebsters has been a very fun and gratifying experience for me. We take pride in every sandwich we build, and are always sure to pack ’em with Cheba love. We are stoked to have another neighbor on our side and welcome everyone into our Home of the Blunts!

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