Turkey Sandwich Madness

Later this week, we’ll be up to our nutsacks in brackets. Let me add another bracket to the miz: Turkey Sandwich Madness.

On Thursday, I will unveil the field of 16 and a full bracket-style tournament of Turkey Sandwiches.

For now, I will name the Top 4 Seeds and the rest of the places that are in “The Big Dance”. For the sake of making the brackets a little easier to read, I am only going to list WHERE you can get the Turkey Sandwich.

  1. Zoka’s, Pine, CO
  2. The Gristmill, New Braunfels, TX
  3. Snooze, Denver, CO
  4. Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, Denver, CO

Other participants: Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks, Which Wich, Panera Bread (Saint Louis Bread Company), Loco’s, Mendelson’s, Whole Foods, Brick Store, P’sghetti’s, Fat Jack’s, Walnut Room, Lori’s Boar’s Head Deli, Shady Grove.

If ESPN were to cover this, I’m sure all of the experts would predict the top seeds will reaching the Final Four.

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