I Hate Field Greens

There is nothing more uppity than “field greens”.  And don’t give me that shit about Iceberg lettuce having ZERO nutritional value – I already know that.  But this Field Greens craze is getting to me and I don’t want it anywhere near my Turkey Sandwich.

Unfortunately, I decided this a little too late to save a Turkey Sandwich.  I started out fairly normal – a run up to Whole Foods for a good TS lunch.  She asked if I wanted lettuce on the sandwich and I agreed.

I get back to the office and the taste of Arugula had permeated the entire fucking sandwich.  I picked it off, but that wasn’t even enough.

Arugula is foul.  I don’t see how anyone could like that nasty-ass weed.

I am boycotting all variations of Field Greens.  It’s just a risk I can’t take.


One thought on “I Hate Field Greens

  1. Field greens are great if you have a uterus, ovaries, painted finger nails, boobs (not man boobs) and watch Oprah. Otherwise this oddly named overly descriptive salad base/sandwich topping should be avoided. Also watch out for micro greens and wheat grass, these are two other corporate manufactured food items meant to trick up menus.

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