Earl Sandwich Parlor Doesn’t Measure Up

I made a return trip to what I thought was called the “Earl of Sandwich” yesterday.  But for some reason, it is now called “Earl Sandwich Parlor”.  Hmmm.

I went with a sandwich called “The Ogden” which I think is what I got last time – but I couldn’t remember.  And that’s exactly the problem – this sandwich wasn’t very memorable either.  Downright boring, in fact.

The other weird thing about this place is that the guy on the cover of their menu is very homo-erotic.  Not there is anything wrong with that.

So bottom line – I am in a Turkey Sandwich slump.  Ever since I got sick last week, I just have not had my normal uber craving for a TS.  I’m hoping this comes to an end today as I am on my way to St. Louis and looking forward to some old favorites – namely the Turkey and Swiss from P’sgetti’s.  That seems like the cure from boring Turkey Sandwiches like this piece of crap I got at Earl Sandwich Parlor.

But, Earl Sandwich does have these little cheesecakes though and they are mighty tasty.  Maybe it should be Earl Cheesecake Parlor?  Or Earl Quiche Parlor?  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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