No Turkey? AYFKM?

This is not my personal story.  Thankfully I was not subjected to this kind of frustration and outrage.

Today, a couple co-workers of mine came back with a bag of sandwiches from Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli.  They said it was an incredibly frustrating lunch trip: parking was impossible to find, the line was incredibly long and then -THEY WERE OUT OF TURKEY!

Out of Turkey? What’s the deal?  How can you be OUT of Turkey.

I would have had shit-fit.  I would have absolutely been enraged if I would have waited in line for 30 minutes, only to find that a Brooklyn Deli was out of Turkey in the middle of Lunch.

And to think that I’ve been meaning to visit a Heidi’s lately.  Screw that.

Mendelson’s and Fat Jack’s are at the top of my hit list now.


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