Jersey Mike Has a Small One

I was absolutely starving at lunch yesterday (as I am now) and had my mind stuck on Jersey Mike’s Subs. I’ve been there before and they make a nice Turkey Sandwich. I especially like the vinegar, oil and seasonings they throw on there or as they call it “Mike’s Way”.

But here’s my bitch with this place: their regular sized sandwich seemed really small to me. I wasn’t ready to commit to big giant sandwich, but the medium didn’t seem to cut it for me either.

In other news, I didn’t eat breakfast this morning and I was starving as an 11:00am meeting was approaching. There was NO WAY I was going to make it through this meeting on an empty stomach, so I hustled down to Quizno’s. I enjoyed their Sammies on my last trip there, but they wouldn’t give me enough substance. So I asked the burning question that is on everyone’s mind: Can you get the Sonoma Turkey as a sandwich instead of a Sammie? And the answer is YES. And that’s what I did.

My complaint for this visit is that I ordered a salad as my side and they gave me hardly any lettuce, but a shitload of salad dressing. Makes no sense.


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