I Finally Cross Paths with The Village Inn

You can’t swing a dead cat in Colorado and not hit a Village Inn. But even though these sons of bitches are everywhere, I’ve never had a reason, nor the inclination to visit one of these establishments.  All of that came to an end tonight as I was practically forced to eat at The Village Inn.

For all of my readers from around the globe who are not familiar with The Village Inn, it’s a cross between Denny’s, IHOP and an old folks home. I was in Grand Junction, Colorado tonight and stuck at a hotel without a car. My choices for dinner were Wendy’s or Village Inn. Wendy’s doesn’t have Turkey Sandwiches – so Village Inn gets the nod.

I felt a little out of place when I first walked in because it seemed like a ventilator, cane or walker was a prerequisite for dining here, so I ordered the Turkey Bacon Melt “to-go”.

The interesting thing about The Village Inn is that their french fries completely suck. The sandwich was actually ok – I like how they heated up the Turkey, cheese and bacon together before putting it on the bread.

Was the Turkey Sandwich good enough for me to go back?  No.  Not until I’m 83.


One thought on “I Finally Cross Paths with The Village Inn

  1. Village Inn used to be the pizza parlor at the beginning of Colonial Estates where Pleimann & I grew up. They had a big fireplace and the pizza was decent. You probably didn’t go there then because you were still a Jehovah’s Witness.

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