As promised…A Visit to Which Wich in Austin

As many of you know, Mrs. Turkey Sandwich and I went to visit some friends in Texas for the Labor Day weekend. I also took advantage of this time and played a tennis tournament in Austin.

Although I may have gotten my ass beat on the tennis court, I did whip some ass of my own at Which Wich. Check out this Turkey Sandwich masterpiece: Pretty ballsy to go cole slaw, horseradish AND BBQ, huh? But that’s what I do.  I push the Turkey Sanwich envelope.
Which Wich Sandwich Labor Day 07

And yes, I added an Oreo Shake to the mix.
Sandwich and Oreo Shake

Neal at Which Wich Austin

3 thoughts on “As promised…A Visit to Which Wich in Austin

  1. I told you that Oreo shake is the shit. Thanks for the update, I shall wait to take my turkeysandwichreport blog to the next level.

  2. my favorite bitch on the show Extreme 4×4 on Spike TV, Jessi Combs, often wears a queer doo-rag just like you are wearing in the picture above.

    I would post of picture of it here, but your shitty blog does not allow me to leave pictures with my comments.

    So fuck off…I will post it on your myspace page…you probably wont let me post fucking links either will you fuckface?…so here you go:

    double u, double u, double u dot myspace “dot”com/turkeysandwichreport

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