Founder of Which Wich Speaks!

No surprise, but the The Turkey Sandwich is starting to get some national attention.

I’m technically on vacation today, but as many of you know I suffer from Obsessive Internet and Email Addiction and when I logged on to get quick email fix this morning , I was excited to see that Jeff Sinelli, the Founder of Which Wich had made a comment to a recent post.

For those of you that might have missed it, here is his comment:

Neal…best of luck in tennis and wiches while you are in Texas. You will find that the Texas WWs always take cash (loved your video). As founder, may I suggest limiting any wich to a maximum of 5 or 6 total ingredients (minus bread)…this should guarantee the result your looking for. I love your idea of going “balls to the walls.” Try the Buffalo Chicken and add extra chicken (choose Pepper Jack Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, and if you dare, Giardinara). A milkshake is also recommended to cool things down. Keep the VIBE positive in the turkey quest and on the court (btw, I play at 3.5).
Regarding the “saurkraut and cheez wiz” — what were you thinking??????
Best WICHes,

Mr. Sinelli – thanks for your kind words. You can tell the crew in Austin that I will be visiting the downtown store for lunch after my first round match on Saturday.  Should I give them some kind of code at the cash register to let them know I am an “FOJ” (friend of Jeff)?

I will certainly take you up on SOME of you advice (limiting ingredients, which is a good call) – but not all. You recommended a CHICKEN sandwich – and this here is the TURKEY Sandwich Report, so I’m going to honor my commitment and go turkey.

I’ll also take a moment to plug Which Wich’s blog – which I had heard about, but never visited.  Check it out at  How Web 2.0 of you, Mr. Sinelli.


6 thoughts on “Founder of Which Wich Speaks!

  1. Mr. Sinelli,
    May I compliment you on a damn fine Oreo milkshake that you make. I’m usually not a fan of Oreo milkshakes but got one when visiting Neal and it was damn good. Please open a store in/around the Chicago area, as you would clean house.

    PS I see you play tennis like that loser Neal, but please stay away from the fantasy football.

  2. I visited the Which Wich blog site. Very cool. I like the “hip”, “trendy” and “fun” look and personality of their sandwich store. The Dean Martin of sandwich shops.

    However, I also liked it back in 1985 when it first opened and it was fucking called PENN STATION EAST COAST SUBS!

    As well I hear that you play tennis with the owner of Which Wich.

    …this is quite coinkydink because I also play in a Sissy Fight league with the owner of Penn Station Subs.

  3. Neal: just checking in. We are doing our Annual Menu Review on Oct. 3rd. Feel free to suggest some TURKEY creations for the the 2009 lineup. Let me know if you ever roll through Dallas.
    -Sinelli, Founder of WW

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