Undefeated and Still Champion – The Gristmill

I’ve lived in Colorado for about 5 months now.  Prior to that, I spent almost 6 years in Texas – Austin for a couple months (couldn’t find a job) and then San Antonio.  In that time, I can assure you that I ate a lot of fucking Turkey Sandwiches.  And in that time, I found what I consider to be the best.

Almost halfway between San Antonio and Austin (a little closer to SA) on I-35 is New Branfels, TX.  New Branfels is known for it’s German heritage, toobing on the Guadalupe River and what I guess is a “town within a town” called Gruene, TX.  Gruene is cool.  There is an old dance hall called Gruene Hall, where a lot of Country and Americana artists play – a lot of big names have rolled thru there.

But in back of Gruene Hall is a restaurant that is an old cotton mill and it’s called “The Gristmill.”  It sits right on the banks of the Guadalupe River and there is a lot of outdoor seating.  The atmosphere is great, but let’s stay focused here and get to what is important – Turkey Sandwiches.

It’s nothing fancy really – it’s a simple Turkey Sandwich on a bun (I recommend the wheat).  But the key here is the actual Turkey itself – it’s awesome.  I highly recommend requesting some of what they call “prime sauce” and you put’cha someadat on there.  The prime sauce is dijon/mayo/horseradish combo and it is the fucking shit.  You couple that with either their fries or the onion rings and you’re in business.  You can’t go wrong with the Chips and Queso for an appetizer.

On weekends, especially when the weather is nice, you can expect a wait – but relax there champ…grab a beer or a CC and Seven and chill out in their courtyard.  If you realy know what you’re doing, you’ll have tickets to the show at Gruene Hall that night, you’ll drink about 17 more beers and you’ll get laid later that night.


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