The Cajun Turkey and Avocado at Heidi’s Deli

I stopped in to Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli at Colorado and about 10th today.  Heidi’s is a franchise deli and they have something like 27 locations around the Denver Metro area.  

Being new to the area, this is was my second visit to Heidi’s.  Rippe and I stopped in to Heidi’s a few weeks back when for a very early take out lunch.  That time, I got the Cajun Turkey and Avocado, minus the Avocado on Ciabatta.  I enjoyed the sandwich that time, so I went with the same thing this time…BUT – this time, I went with Rye…AND added some Pepper Jack. 

First, let me say that the sandwiches are awesome.  They are nice and big and really, unless you’re a pig like me, half will do you just fine.  The bread is fresh, they actually cut the slices in front of you and then make the sandwich.  I’m a toasted bread guy, so I recommend that you requesting the bread to be toasted. 

The only thing that irked me a little was that they still charged me $.50 for adding the Pepper Jack.  I would think that since I didn’t get the avocado on there, that they could hooked a brother up with some free chee – but that’s just me.

In case you’re interested in their soups: On my first trip, I got the Turkey Sandwich and a bowl of the Chicken and Dumplings soup.  (I know that’s a lot of food, but I only ate a little bit of the soup and half the sandwich in the morning – and then I ate the rest for a nice afternoon “pick me up”)  I enjoyed it.  Today, Brenda got the Tomato Florentine, and didn’t care for it.

Oh, one last thing – they screw you on the chips.  If you go with the standard bag of chips that comes with the sandwich – you get this little bag of Lay’s.  You can “upgrade” your chips for $.69, but that will only get you a normal bag of Sun Chips of Cheetos. 

Cheap mother fuckers over there at Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli – but they make a mean Turkey Sandwich.

I’ll give Heidi’s a “B” on the The Turkey Sandwich Report.  The chips and cheese held them back from a strong B+.

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